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Mr.Vongvijit Turakij Pokphand   : Chairman and Managing Director
Our mission is to provide the latest, most useful information.

Timeline 2003
SMEHALL The business advertising, updated news, and exchange data information
center MLM, WorldWide, Network, Insurance, a media outlet providing information
among consumers and businessman, Project, economic,... both local and foreign.

Timeline 2015
SMEHALL Provide support, promotion and development to companies (manufacturers),
companies, partnerships, stores, distributors, Investor Relations. And people...use the
program to build affiliate networks and new business development, exchange,
investment relations for the future.

Timeline 2016
• 2016 New Business Development Consultant and Investor Relations.
  Natwork Asia Online Co.,Ltd.

Start Up
• 1991 - 1995 Research Multi-Level Marketing(MLM), SML, Insurance)
• 1996 - 2002 Create a site member network Between direct sales
   and business insurance to exchange information.
• 2003 Founded Officially. : Copyright © 2003
• 2003 - 2004 Business information services to members.
• 2008 - 2011 Commercial projects Universe Victory.
• 2012 Additional : Research Multi-Level Marketing(MLM), SML, Insurance.)
• 2013 UNIVERSE VICTORY program support company (factory), companies,
   partnerships, merchants and entrepreneurs. Join the network to create business.
   partnerships and customer relationships. Both domestic and foreign
• 2014 Open    This project has been completed.
• 2015 Offering brand. Universe Victory and software systems to the online marketing.
   industry group.
• 2016 New Business Development Consultant for manufacturing high quality products.
• 2016 International Forest Herbs : Farm Organic. (Project)
• 2014 - 2032 Researching businesses of all types from all countries.
• 2014 Learn about the trends of business and technology.

Experience and aptitude in the event.
• Business Analysis and Planning Consultan.t
• Marketing and Strategy Consultant.

• 1994 - 2017 : 23 years experience in business networks.